The Little Death

Le Petit Mort, slang for ‘the female orgasm’ in French, is an outrageous comedy about sex, secrets, fate and fetish. It’s awkward when we laugh at something truly awful and it’s delightful when we get joy and emotional truth from something truly outrageous. The Little Death treads the line, like any good comedy about sex, between love and taboo. Often funny, always real and truly moving, Josh Lawson has created a highly original and engaging story.

Writer: Josh Lawson

Director: Josh Lawson

Cast: Josh Lawson, Bojana Novakovic, Damon Herriman, Patrick Brammall, Lisa McCune, Erin James, Kim Gyngell, TJ Power, Kate Box, Kate Mulvany, Alan Dukes, Genevieve Hegney, Zoe Carides, Ben Lawson, Tasneem Roc, Paul Gleeson and Lachy Hulme