Time Travel Zero is a step in to the VR space for See Pictures, an opportunity to further our relationship with director/animator Christian Debney and a chance to collaborate with a world leading VR/AR innovator Chris Milk and his groundbreaking company Within.


John Titan, a time travelling test pilot, realises his dream of going back in time to try to stop the terrible car accident which killed his father, in doing so John risks getting lost in the multiverse, or worse. 


John Titan’s father was a brilliant inventor who died in a car accident when John was a 7 year old boy. Now 30 years later, John, having trained as a time travelling test pilot, attempts to go back and try and stop the accident. In doing so, John gets horribly lost in time, space and the Multiverse. This 360 VR video is a mind expanding and cinematic adventure through time and space, which showcases just a few of the possible worlds as we explore what infinite parallel universes might look like to travel through, in an immersive 3D experience.